Arrival Instructions for Tennyson Court

Outside Tennyson Court

You have arrived!

3 Tennyson Street


You will need

(This information will be texted to you on the day of your arrival around 2pm checkin is from 3pm)

  • Gate Code
  • Key lock box Letter (A, B, C or D)
  • Key lock box Code
  • Your apartment has the same letter on the door

If you do not have this information please ring +44 (0)1522 569 892 on arrival.

Gate Keypad

To open the gates

On the wall to the right of the gates there is a key pad, enter the gate code and press 'Enter'.

To get out

Go through the gates

The gates close automatically, to get out enter the same code into the keypad on the wall at the end of the archway.

Key lock boxes

To get your apartment Keys

There are 4 keylock boxes to the left of the gate exit keypad, select the correct box Letter and enter the Key Lock box Code

The key lock boxes will light up automatically.



Please park at 90' to the wall

More Parking

More Parking

Please don't park in front of the right hand garage.


On departure

Please post key through letter box

Check out is by 11am

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